Everett Stewart

Director, Cinematographer & Producer

Detroit native, different, creative problem solver.

Still human, I’d like to think my super power is talking to people. From a set to set basis, I anticipate besting our latest project. “How can I make this better?" is the main question we often ask ourselves here at BeMVP.

With over 6 years of experience in departments ranging from camera to pyrotechnics, I’m confident there’s a world of knowledge yet to be learned.

Nick Margetic

Director, Editor, Producer & Branding

Argentine-American. Driven, passionate & always searching.

My most inspired moments start with people. Perspective is unique and empowering; as an individual, it defines the world. With directing, each day is an opportunity to catch a glimpse of these realities and leave your mark along the way.

BeMVP is a lifestyle to me - a constant reminder to do more and not brush over the little stuff. Laughing, smiling, and hand-crafting a comfortable atmosphere to work in has and will always be a priority to me. My work is an opportunity to make sense of my experience and to learn something about yours.

Jon Phou

Production Manager, Producer & PA

If my pockets are empty, my hands are full.

I put my attention into making sure production is running smoothly. Whether that be signing release forms, adjusting light, or delivering a taco, I'm here to keep the balance.

To me, stories are a big deal. How you tell them matters, and my goal is to make yours count.